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The Vetrax® system can enhance the medical care and overall health of your patients.

How vetrax can help your practice

Because Vetrax goes beyond basic activity tracking to monitor advanced behaviors, including shaking and scratching, it’s equipped to address a wider range of health issues for dogs, such as dermatology conditions, weight management, arthritis and surgical rehabilitation. Vetrax also can help improve pet owner compliance and communication. The system can:

Advise pet owners when an appointment may be necessary

Improve the quality and productivity of each visit

Develop and maintain the most effective care for your patient

Free Vetrax Sensors Available to Your Practice Healthcare Team

With your initial minimum purchase of four Vetrax sensors, we’ll provide two additional sensors for use exclusively by the healthcare team at your practice. Sensors should be used on staff members’ dogs, and include a one year subscription to the Vetrax app. We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to become more familiar with the Vetrax Portal and App. 

The Vetrax Portal

The Vetrax Portal provides an online hub where you and your staff can easily onboard new patients, set individual targets for patients and readily access important data about the behavior of your patients that use Vetrax. 
The portal is easy to use with visual charts, graphics and icons. At a glance, you can view the collected data by patient name, treatment type or plan type. When a monitored patient exhibits an unusual behavior, you can dive deeper to review the history of behavior for the dog and, when needed, start a conversation with the pet owner to discuss the dog’s condition or request a visit.
The Vetrax Portal even helps you house client information and billing history, all in one convenient location.


Vetrax is only available to pet owners through your recommendation and oversight. Monitor the effectiveness of medical care programs for your canine patients 24/7 with Vetrax.

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