How it works

Vetrax® provides accurate and detailed monitoring of a dog’s specific behaviors to help veterinarians monitor, evaluate and manage treatment plans for dogs.

Advanced Monitoring

Vetrax is the only system that goes beyond basic activity tracking to monitor specific pet behaviors, including shaking and scratching, that can impact medical treatment for dogs. The system monitors shaking, scratching, running, walking, resting, sleeping and sleep quality.

Veterinarians and staff find that the behavior monitoring system helps to:

  • Detect health challenges, like arthritis and dermatology issues, before the onset of clinical signs
  • Evaluate weight management and nutritional programs
  • Review the activity of dogs recovering from surgery

Actionable Insights

Vetrax Sensor, App and Portal work seamlessly to deliver a continuous stream of detailed, accurate information that helps pet owners and veterinarians plan and evaluate ongoing health care programs.

The information helps to:

  • Confirm observations or discover issues that may have gone unnoticed
  • Advise pet owners if and when an appointment may be required
  • Help veterinary staff manage and modify treatment plans as necessary

Maximized Care

Vetrax was developed for veterinarians and is only available through the recommendation and oversight of a veterinarian. The system enhances overall pet health by ensuring the most effective medical care can be provided for the full length of treatment.

Vetrax helps:

  • Improve pet owner compliance, engagement and communication
  • Align veterinary staff and pet owner objectives
  • Increase the productivity and quality of each visit

Hardware and technology


You can charge the lightweight Vetrax sensor using the provided USB cable. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge the sensor, and the charge will last about one week. The sensor will begin monitoring behavior as soon as it’s attached to a dog’s collar. All data collected is wirelessly transmitted to our cloud database.

Veterinarian Portal

The Vetrax portal monitors the specific behaviors that can impact medical treatment, providing continuous detailed and accurate insights that help veterinarians evaluate and maximize the effectiveness of a dog’s health care program.

The portal serves as a powerful hub for veterinarians and staff. Here, the collected data is analyzed and used to establish baseline patterns. Veterinarians can set up individual targets for each dog and decide when alerts should be sent to staff and pet owners.

Mobile App

Pet owners will have access to the data collected from their pet using the Vetrax App, which is available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

With the Vetrax App, pet owners can:

  • See their pets’ behaviors in real time
  • Monitor progress against the targets set by their veterinarians
  • Compare their dog’s behaviors with other dogs

Already Own Vetrax?

Once a veterinarian has recommended Vetrax to monitor a dog’s behavior, the system is simple and convenient to set up with the sensor and Vetrax App.

Support Center

If you have questions about Vetrax, we have the answers and support you need. We’re here to help.

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