New Veterinary Monitoring Technology Offers Never-Seen-Before Insights From Dog Behavior

NORCROSS, Ga., Jan. 5, 2016 — Today, AGL introduced VetraxTM, a veterinary medical device and information platform designed to more quickly alert veterinarians and pet owners to potential health concerns as part of an ongoing monitoring program. Vetrax is a robust technology platform that incorporates specially developed, dog-behavior algorithms with state-of-the-art sensors and data-sharing capabilities. This novel device is now in tests with select veterinary practices that specialize in health care for dogs. AGL expects Vetrax to become more widely available later this year and will market it only through veterinarians.

“Both veterinarians and dog owners will be impressed when they see how quickly Vetrax can alert them to behavior indicating a health problem,” says Joe Young, chief operating officer, AGL. “Unlike any behavior-monitoring system in use today, Vetrax is a novel medical device that will help set a new standard for how people can care for their pets as it creates a new veterinary category.”

How Vetrax works

Veterinarians will prescribe Vetrax for a dog that needs to be regularly monitored due to chronic conditions or as part of an ongoing health care program. The owner affixes the lightweight Vetrax sensors to the dog’s collar. The sensors collect detailed data used to classify behaviors the dog is exhibiting – such as shaking, scratching or drinking – and regularly transmit the information wirelessly to the Vetrax information cloud.

Vetrax then analyzes each dog’s data using state-of-the art genetic algorithms for dog behavior developed by and exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech. Vetrax first sets baseline behavioral patterns for each dog. As soon as out-of-the-ordinary behavior or a change is identified, an alert goes directly to the clinic staff so they are able to respond quickly. The veterinarian also can check reports for an individual or group of patients throughout the day, as well as make it possible for the pet owner to receive Vetrax alerts.

“What makes Vetrax so special is its ability to rapidly collect, process and analyze massive amounts of behavioral data, and then immediately send an alert when a potential problem is identified,” says Young. “And, Vetrax is the first system sophisticated enough to distinguish the act of scratching from running. Altogether, this makes it possible for veterinarians to proactively review patient information and reach out to the owner to recommend action that could make a vital difference in that dog’s health.”

Moving forward with Vetrax

As Vetrax development progresses, AGL continues to apply insights from the advisory board of practicing veterinarians and other experts who were instrumental in creating this novel medical analytics solution. AGL also is exploring strategic partnerships with other organizations that specialize in veterinary pet care.

“We believe other companies could benefit from Vetrax data-driven insights as they look to develop new products – or reposition current products for managing health care programs, and chronic conditions like obesity, osteoarthritis and dermatology,” says Young. “Exclusive partnerships built around state-of-the-art information from Vetrax can provide an extraordinary foundation for creating true innovation in pet care.”

For more information about Vetrax and strategic partnerships with AGL, call 913-565-2445 or email

Based in Norcross, Georgia, AGL develops novel systems that help owners and their veterinarians manage animals’ health to provide the best quality of life for pets. AGL works with strategic-development partners, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute, to combine the very latest technologies with exclusively licensed animal-behavior algorithms. The result is convenient, noninvasive monitoring systems that are extraordinary.


Vetrax is a trademark of AGL.

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