Vetrax® Setup

Once you’re home, here’s how to get started…


Detach the sensor from its baseplate by rotating the sensor while holding the baseplate stationary.
  • Use the provided USB cable to plug your sensor into the USB charger.
  • Connect the USB charger to any outlet to begin charging. It will take approximately two hours for the device to completely charge.
The LED light will flash while connected to the USB charger.
  • Flashing red – Sensor battery has less than 20 percent charge
  • Rapid flashing green (every three seconds) – Sensor battery is greater than 20 percent but not fully charged
  • Slow flashing green (every 15 seconds) or solid green – Sensor fully charged


You can set up the Vetrax sensor on any Android or iOS mobile device. Visit the Play Store or App Store on your mobile device to download the Vetrax app.

Once the app is installed, press “Create account” on the Sign In screen and follow the steps to enter the e-mail you provided to your veterinarian and set your password. You will also go through the process of connecting the sensor to your home Wi-Fi network via a bluetooth connection. The sensor should be off of your pet and placed on a stationary surface near your Wi-Fi network during setup.


Once you have successfully connected the Vetrax app to your sensor, use the appropriate rubber strap to attach the sensor baseplate to the dog’s collar. Align the pin on the back of the sensor with the hole in the baseplate and twist the sensor until you hear it click firmly in place. Then place the collar on your dog, making sure the sensor is below the neck (oriented with the logo facing up).

The LED light will flash while on your dog’s collar:

  • Flashing green (every 15 seconds) – Capturing data
  • Solid blue – Transmitting data
  • Slow flashing red (every 15 seconds) – Low battery with less than 20 percent charge
  • Rapid flashing red (every three seconds) – Battery needs to be charged

Still have questions? Visit our Support Center for additional assistance with the setup process.

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