Vetrax In Use – Daisy’s Story

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Daisy is a Feist – a mix of terrier, dachshund and chihuahua – and, according to her owner William (Will) Galtieri from New Jersey, she lives true to these breeds. This is their Vetrax story…

Will adopted Daisy from a kill shelter in the southern USA in 2009 and she now lives with him in New Jersey where one of her favorite pastimes is tracking and chasing birds on the beach. Daisy has recently developed skin and other health problems and Will tells us how he is using Vetrax to help to manage them.

“When I was with Daisy, I could see that she was scratching a great deal.  The problem was that I was out at work all day so didn’t have a clear idea as to whether she was scratching constantly.  Nor could I tell if the problem was staying the same, improving or even getting worse.  I had heard of Vetrax and thought it might help me to get a better handle on the level of discomfort her skin problems were causing her.

The system was easy to use.  I simply completed the initial set up and, once this was done and Daisy was wearing the sensor, the data it uploaded periodically to the app on my phone enabled me to monitor her while I was at work or out for the day.  Suddenly, I could see exactly when she was scratching and for how long. This meant I could pinpoint when the irritation was getting worse and take rapid action to help her – perhaps bathing her or taking her to the veterinarian for an allergy shot.

Recently, the data helped to determine that she was suffering with a skin infection.  Once the antibiotics and steroids kicked in, the improvement in her condition was clearly visible through the reduction in her scratching. A relief to me as well as to Daisy!

Using Vetrax on Daisy is actually helping me to be more mindful of her overall health, especially as I continue to work with our veterinarian to get the bottom of her recurrent skin problems.  Recently, the veterinarian also detected that she has a very slight heart murmur so we will also be reviewing her activity levels using Vetrax going forward.  We need to check that she doesn’t start to become less active because this could be an indication of problems with her heart.

In just a few months, Vetrax has provided me with invaluable data on Daisy’s health and it has become a vital tool to help me to manage her skin problems and her heart murmur.  As much as I would like to be around her every hour of the day, this is just not possible. Fortunately, Vetrax can be there for me.”

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