Benefits Of Wearable Technology Highlighted In New Clinician Survey

The use of wearable sensor technology to monitor a pet’s behavior 24/7 has been reported as helpful by veterinarians in monitoring a range of health issues with allergies, skin conditions, weight management and mobility topping the list.

An online survey of 94 clinicians who had used the Vetrax™ technology in a recent promotion sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition found that 83% were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied with its use, with 85% suggesting they would recommend it to a colleague. 88% said they had found it most helpful in had found it most helpful for monitoring the behaviors of patients experiencing cases of allergy flare ups or other dermatological conditions, while 68% reported finding it valuable in monitoring the behaviors of dogs which were overweight or diabetic. A further 66% said that it had proved useful in monitoring patients’ mobility. Respondents also identified seizures and anxiety as being important issues for Vetrax to monitor. High levels of pet parent satisfaction were also reported by the clinicians, who said that 64% of their clients were ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’ with the help it gave them to monitor their dog’s behaviors.

When asked specifically how the data supplied by Vetrax was useful to them, 83% of clinicians said that it helped them to show pet parents the problems their dog was experiencing, while 48% said it help improve compliance. A further 40% said that they found it a useful aid to diagnosis.

The Vetrax wearable sensor, worn on a dog’s collar, enables clinicians and pet parents to monitor aspects of their behavior when they are not with them. Data gained from the sensor are analyzed by Vetrax and accessed via a mobile phone app. Vetrax is the first wearable technology for dogs to go beyond basic activity tracking to monitor the specific behaviors, including shaking and scratching, that can impact treatment plans.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Vetrax founder, President and CEO, Marcel Sarzen said: “It’s encouraging to see that the benefits of wearable technology are starting to be recognized among clinicians and that 68% of those questioned in our survey had actually used Vetrax on their own dogs.

“As a nation, we are now accustomed to using wearable technology to monitor our own health. With more than 50% of dogs in the USA already obese, we believe that there is a huge opportunity for this technology be equally helpful in improving the health and wellbeing of our dogs – a win, for the dog, for the pet parent and, of course, for the clinical team. We look forward to introducing Vetrax to many more clinics during 2018.”

Using the Vetrax cloud-based hub, veterinary professionals can set individual targets for their patients and send clients alerts to help them improve their dog’s health and well being. Currently, pet owners can receive the Vetrax sensor for free from participating vet clinics with the purchase of certain Hill’s Pet Nutrition foods and continue to receive free monitoring as long as they continue to purchase the food – an offer worth in excess of $120.

Professionals can find out how their practice can take part and offer their clients Vetrax monitoring at Www.Vetrax.Com or Www.Hillssmartcare.Com

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About Vetrax

The Vetrax® wearable sensor, app and online portal combine to provide accurate and detailed monitoring of a dog’s specific behaviors to help pet parents and veterinarians to monitor, evaluate and manage treatment plans. It is the first wearable technology for dogs to go beyond basic activity tracking to monitor the specific behaviors, including shaking and scratching, that can impact medical treatment.

Vetrax was developed for veterinarians and is available through their recommendation and oversight. The technology enables them to work collaboratively with pet parents to enhance the overall health of their patients by ensuring that the most effective medical care is being provided. Full details are available at Http://Www.Vetrax.Com/

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