Six Quick Steps To Optimize Your Facebook Page

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So your Facebook page is getting lots of likes – especially when you post photos of cute puppies. But is it really working for your business? Take these six actions to give it a boost.

  1. Check the ‘Insights’ section of your practice Facebook page and find out when your audience is likely to be on Facebook. You can schedule posts for these times – often it’s evening until around 9 pm, or when people are travelling to and from work. Schedule your posts for these times to help them be seen, rather than simply when you are free to post.
  2. BUT also analyse your results. There is a school of thought that posting at around 3 pm in the afternoon means there is less competition from other kinds of content so this can give surprisingly good results. Not sure how to check? Look at the reach for posts at different times of the day (and days of the week) and see if you can identify a pattern.
  3. Check out your Insights again and don’t just look at number of engagements per post (likes, shares, comments). By clicking on the down arrow on the table of posts you have the option to find out the Engagement Rate. This allows you to compare between posts to see what people have liked the most: dog posts versus cat posts, funny versus serious, short versus long, with photos and without? It’s about learning what your audience likes and giving them more of it.
  4. Balance your ‘fun’ content with educational content that will benefit your business – the value of dental checks, what vaccinations you recommend, or what parasites pose a risk in your area. Reinforce your position as an expert as well as demonstrating that you love pets.
  5. Use links to direct traffic back to your website or include a call to action. For instance a post could include this information: ‘Did you know that according to data collected by Vetrax, dogs spend around 100 seconds a day scratching? If your dog is scratching more, please give us a call on (insert your telephone number).’
  6. Don’t forget to include the Call to Action button on your Facebook page – you can use it to ask people to click to Learn More, Shop, or Book a Service. Just click the ‘Add a button’ offer below your Facebook cover photo, select the best option and link it to the web address for the page on your site that’s most appropriate.

We have provided some images for you to use on Facebook HERE. Why not use them and try out some of your new techniques?

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