Vetrax In Use – Pepper’s Story

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Using Vetrax on my own dog Pepper gave me a real insight into what the technology could deliver. This is our story.

We adopted Pepper, a Black Flat Coat Retriever, when she was six months old. She had been living outside but quickly bonded with us as she transitioned from an outdoor to an indoor dog.  She’s now 12 years old and we enjoy daily walks together plus riding in the Jeep. Pepper is truly a Vetrax pioneer and we’ve been using the technology to monitor her behavior for three years now.

Like many dogs, Pepper suffers from dermatological problems from time to time and Vetrax has helped me to understand and manage these more effectively.  On one occasion, the data registered that her head-shaking had risen above its normal level, indicating a flare-up of otitis externa. It was great to see the head-shaking reduce down to its normal level again once I had cleaned and treated her ears.

In addition to giving me an insight into her health, using the activity points available on Vetrax has enabled me to monitor the amount of exercise she receives and this keeps me focused on making sure she has her morning and evening walks; I’m one of the 25 percent of Americans who own a wearable to monitor their health so it’s good to compare what we do together. I’m now looking to provide her (and me!) with more opportunities to enjoy higher energy exercise.

Overall, the most important contribution Vetrax has made to Pepper’s health is that it has highlighted the frequency of her dermatological flare ups.  I would not necessarily have become aware of this through daily observation alone. The data Vetrax provides show clearly when her head-shaking and scratching rise above the norm. Our veterinarian also finds the data useful and it helps us to work together on a treatment program for her.

I feel that Vetrax has enabled me to feel more connected to Pepper and provides reassurance about her quality of life on a different level. There’s no more wondering if her condition is flaring up and being uncertain about whether she needs help – I always know for sure. We all want to know that our dog is healthy and happy – Vetrax gives me peace of mind because I know we are offering her the highest possible level of care.

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